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Welcome to the K9Amigo's Little Corner of the Internet!
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RopriPet Active Collar Base

Model numbers 505iRP, 505iRP-2, 506i & 506i-2

 RopriPet Active Collar Pro

Model numbers 606i & 606i-2
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 How to Sync the RopriPet Active Collar Base System


Active Collar FAQ
 Can I leave the Active Collar on my dog constantly?
Never leave the RopriPet Active Collar Dog Training Collar on for more than 12 consecutive hours.
The Active Collar has been designed to be used as a proactive training tool. Constant contact with the dog's skin may cause irritation, and at worst, a rash.

Is the Active Collar safe to use on my dog? Can it cause harm?
Yes! This device draws static stimulation from batteries in the collar; the energy level it produces is very limited, and comparable to the static stimulation received upon touching a metal object after walking across carpet. It cannot create a thermal burn on their dog.

What should I do if I notice a rash on my dog's neck?
In the case of a pet’s skin irritation of any kind, contact your pet healthcare specialist to determine its cause.

There’s a rattling noise coming from the receiver, is it broken?
Not at all, this is the mechanism that wakes the collar from ‘sleep mode’ and is perfectly normal.

I have an 8 pound dog, will this system fit?
This is probably our most commonly asked question - 6lb, 8lb, 10lb. The system will work, but there are two factors to consider - will the collar fit around your dog's neck, and is the receiver too large for your dog?
The collar on our Active Collar Base can adjust down to about 8" in diameter and the Active Collar Pro down to around 6". If needed, the collar can be swapped out with another collar from your local pet store, the only criteria is that the collar slides through the attachment slots in our receiver, which are about 2" wide.
The receiver itself measures approximately 2 ½" x 1 ½" x 1 ½". It weighs less than 2 ounces. So consider this in relation to the size of your dog.

Once my pet is trained, does he have to continue wearing the Active Collar?
You might have to reinforce training with the Active Collar from time to time.

How long can I continuously deliver Vibration or Static Shock to my pet?
The maximum amount of time you can deliver Vibration or Static Shock Stimulation to your dog continuously is 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the Remote Transmitter will time-out and the Vibration or Static Shock must be released and pressed again. We do not advise overuse of the static shock mode!

Is the RopriPet Active Collar waterproof?
The Active Collar Base is weatherproof but cannot be submersed in water. It's fine to be worn in the rain, or if it is splashed with water.
The Active Collar PRO is waterproof and can be worn by dogs that love a swim!

What do I do if my dog’s neck becomes red and irritated?
Discontinue use of the product immediately for 48 hours. If the condition persists beyond 48 hours, please consult your vet. You may resume the use of the product and training once the skin is healed.

Can I attach a leash to the Receiver Collar?
No, this can result in pulling the Contact Points too tightly against your dog’s neck. Use a separate collar placed above the Receiver Collar.

When should I recharge the Transmitter and Receiver Unit?
Remote Transmitter: The Battery symbol will appear on the right side of LCD screen.
Receiver Unit: A beeping sound for 20 seconds when you turn on the Receiver Unit.

How long can I leave Receiver Collar on my dog?
The Collar is not designed to be worn continuously. We recommend the Collar not be worn for more than a few hours during a 24-hour period.

How long should my training session for my pet be?
Training sessions should be kept short and positive. Each recommended session should last around 10-15 minutes.

Will I get exactly advertised distance range from my RopriPet Active Collar?
Not always. The range you get will vary according to terrain, weather, vegetation, as well as transmission from other radio devices. The maximum range for the Active Collar Base is 330 yards, while the Active Collar Pro can be effective up to 450 yards.


If you continue to experience problems, just drop us a line through our Contact Page.