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​February 23, 2017 – Seattle Washington
As part of the next phase of expansion of the RopriPet collection of pet products, Ropri Corporation today announces the launch of their Yummo Yummo range of pet treat varieties.
After months of searching for a quality source of US produced, additive free produce, the first Yummo Yummo product has become available for purchase this week. According to company spokesperson, Robert Lund, the Yummo Yummo range is part of the company’s vision of producing great value, premium quality products for all pet lovers across the USA. “The principle attribute we are looking to provide customers with our Yummo Yummo range is super quality ingredients that come from ethically raised stock” said Lund. “Our next goal is to give customers exactly what they expect to receive when they look at what’s written on the label”.

Mr. Lund explained that though many other brands make claims to what is not included in their pet treats, it’s common that other additives make their way onto ingredient lists. “We often see statements on labels using terms such as ‘Gluten Free’, ‘No Fillers’ and such. But when examining the fine print, we can find ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, salt, sugar and tocopherols (a class of organic chemical compounds), amongst others. Yummo Yummo customers will be safe in the knowledge that our treats will be produced using a single, organic and natural ingredient”.
In the case of the first Yummo Yummo variety to be released – Beef Liver Jerky – Lund advises that the only ingredient used is Beef Liver sourced from US bred, pasture finished beef. Each batch of the jerky is hand produced by artisan craftsmen to ensure the highest standards are maintained.
“We’re excited that our first variety, the Beef Liver Jerky, is now available on Amazon.com and the Ropri Corp webstore in 16oz packs. We will soon release the Beef Liver Jerky in 8oz packs and have our second flavor in production now. The second flavor, Chicken Breast Jerky, is produced from chicken tenderloin – a superior chicken cut – and is scheduled for late February release” continued Lund. “As pet owners and lovers ourselves, we are proud to stand by our claim that Yummo Yummo is ‘made with love for our pets and shared with yours’. Yummo Yummo treats are a great help with dog training or just a special way to thank our furry friends for their companionship”.

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