Welcome to the K9Amigo's Little Corner of the Internet!
Welcome to the K9Amigo's Little Corner of the Internet!
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New Brand Name for RopriPet as K9Amigo Hits the Stores!

News Press Release

Seattle Washington

Re-focused branding for Ropri Corporation pet products.

Ropri Corporation has unveiled a new name, a new logo and a new website as part of an extensive rebranding initiative. After launching the business two years ago with RopriPet pet products and closely followed with the RopriHome range of accessories for people who loved entertaining at home, the company has now focused entirely on providing products for dog lovers.

The company is now known as K9Amigo. Speaking at the launch of the new look, Ropri spokesperson Robert Lund said, “The change for Ropri Corp and RopriPet has come after months of hard work and much discussion and research”. He continued, “As a small, family owned business, we realized that we served our customers best when we dealt with products that we are truly passionate about, and that is products that can be used to enhance our relationships with our K9 friends”.

Mr. Lund went on to explain how at K9Amigo, the company recognized that many pet owners shared the idea that whilst they cared and indeed loved their dogs, they were not prone to humanize them or treat them as child replacements. “This is the same philosophy we share with our own dogs and we saw an opportunity to offer practical, no-fuss products that still provided the same great quality, great value proposition we have always offered our customers”.

The company’s new website has launched at www.K9Amigo.com and offers customers direct shopping through K9Amigo as well as the ability to join Club Amigo where members can benefit from regular discount offers and exclusive access to new products. The current range of RopriPet products and Yummo Yummo jerky treats are available on the site as well as the first K9Amigo branded product – the K9Amigo Kleen Pawz dog paw cleaner.

 “Our products will always be available on Amazon.com, but we are pleased to be able to allow our customers to come to us direct”, said Lund. “And with Club Amigo, we have a way to give our loyal, repeat customers some great rewards and benefits”.

 K9Amigo appreciates the bond that forms when a dog looks up to his owner and knows his place in his pack. A family owned business, they aim to offer the best products that reflect their philosophy on dog ownership



Robert Lund

+1 503 928 7818




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